Passengers who do not respect these regulations or any direction given by the train crew will be asked to relinquish their tickets. Criminal offences (abuse, threats and assault), committed against the train crew will be pursued ex officio by the police. The Ferrovie Luganesi SA (FLP) reserves the right to issue admonitions and injunctions, as well as press criminal charges, or demand compensation for injury to persons or damage to property. In addition, it can take any other measure deemed indispensable to implement the respect of the present regulations and abidance by the laws in effect.

The Ferrovie Luganesi SA (FLP) is required to provide safety, comfort and a certain quality of service and to do its utmost to offer its customers a maximum of order and cleanliness. Access to the trains is permitted only to users in possession of a valid ticket. Tickets are personal and have to be kept until the end of the journey. The ticket has to be shown at the request of the train crew and the company staff.


 On the trains, at the FLP train stations and stops it is forbidden:

  • to importune, annoy or behave in a disrespectful or rude way to other passengers or the staff or the train crew;
  • to listen to loud music, shout, make music, sing, and cause any other kind of annoying noise that may disturb the public peace;
  • to deface structures and/or equipment with drawings or writings, cause damage and/or commit acts of vandalism;
  • to post bills, advertisements, hand out merchandise and/or flyers without previous authorization;
  • to hold public events, rallies, performances or busker shows, organize charity and signature collections or to beg;
  • to consume beverages or food and, in the process, soil the carriages or the stations, or to throw and/or deposit bottles or any kind of garbage on the ground/floor;
  • to smoke inside the carriages and in the waiting rooms;
  • to obstruct doorways;
  • to sit or lay on the ground, on the stairs or on the edge of the platform;
  • to rest one’s feet on the seats or on the benches without covering these beforehand;
  • to circulate by bicycle, moped, motor-scooter, motorbike, skateboard, rollerblade and similar means of transport or to park these outside the designed areas;
  • to transport dogs not attached to a leash, or carry other animals without cages, baskets or other suitable containers, and to let any dogs run free in the area;
  • to infringe decency regulations in the public restrooms;
  • to board the carriages in a state of drunkenness or under the effect of drugs (Art. 22, Para. 1 (PTL – Passenger Transportation Law).

The dispositions of the FLP personnel must always be respected.
We thank you for your understanding.


The FLP fully adopts the regulations of the Ticino and Moesano fare network ­­­– i.e. the Arcobaleno fare network (TIA 651.17)

  • In order to verify their validity, tickets have to be displayed by passengers upon request from the train crew. Any passengers travelling without tickets are requested to submit their personal data, if possible by showing a document of identification.
  • Passengers in possession of a ticket that does not correspond to the chosen route are asked to pay a surcharge of CHF 70.- + CHF 5.- CHF 70.- + CHF 5.- for a package ticket.
  • Passengers who are not in possession of a valid ticket, or who are in possession of a ticket that has to be validated or activated, but who have not done so, are asked to pay a surcharge of CHF 90.-, + CHF 10.- for a package ticket.
  • For any further administrative expenses, the competent bodies reserve the right to charge a fee of CHF 20.-.
  • Owners of a personal travelcard must present themselves, with the surcharge-receipt and their travelcard, within 10 days at one of the following offices:
    – the FLP ticket office in Lugano;
    – a post office;
    – the postbus ticket-sales point in Lugano, Via Balestra 4 (multi-storey car park).
    In these cases, to cancel the surcharge and to cover administrative expenses, the customer has to pay a fee of CHF 5.-.
    If an invoice has already been sent to the home address, this fee will amount to CHF 30.-.
  • Bicycles can be transported on FLP trains only if there is enough room and with the previous purchase of a half-price ticket for the chosen route.